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Home: Where you get more cleaning done in the ten minutes before guest arrive, than you do all week. 

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You can't find a home if you never start looking - 


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I am a modern agent on a mission to educate the public about the homebuying and selling process. With my help, when the time comes to buy or sell your home, you will be ready & confident!
Fill up your chip basket, heat up that queso and lets talk about your home goals with a side of salt & lime! I'll be sure to have my cocktail napkin & pen handy for notes! 

Hi, I'm Crystal but my clients call me Nacho!

Crystal Albertson

Your Gainesville Area Realtor

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Are You READY TO GO FROM A HOT MESS ball of stress, TO
new Homeowner SUCCESS?

There is nothing better than the friendships that form over contracts and a cup of coffee (or a margarita). I treat my clients like family and create an experience that is memorable, fun and stress free!

Nacho Average Home Buying And Selling Experience


Mobile: 940-902-0190


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Hold my margarita while I break down

The Home Buying Process 

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“Helped us find the perfect home without the stress we'd had with a previous realtor! .”


I'm Crystal, your new friend & home matchmaker. You can learn more about me here

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Helped us find the perfect home without the stress we'd had with a previous realtor!

Looking to Buy a home in the next 6 months? 

I've got you covered with my guide that walks you through the steps from 6 months out to closing day! 

No strings attached, No email address required. You can download it for free right here. I want you to be successful in your homebuying journey even if you don't choose me to coach you to the goal line. 
Cheers ~ Nacho              

Nacho Average Hombuyer's Guide

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